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Camelot has developed a pioneering approach whose suite of robust and tested tools can reduce your operational risk of incident by up to 80%


We maintain Mission Critical Environments & Infrastructure
Facilities Whose Failure Would Have a Major Impact on Your Brand

Installing and sustaining the correct culture is fundamental to the application and ongoing success of mission critical operations. We work with our clients to align our culture; a cooperative methodology ensuring that the entire team is immersed in risk reduction. Change management tools, specialist training and Camelot’s unique management style will support swift culture change and sustain this over the long term.

Research has shown that over 90% of business impact can be traced to a failure of people or process. Taking best practice from nuclear, petrochemical and aviation maintenance, Camelot has developed a bespoke human factors approach focused on reducing risk through people.

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Optimize the use of assets & identify new efficiencies

Robust maintenance schedule

Improving Energy Use

Identify & mitigate any operation threats

Team of industry experts

Reduce stranded capacity

Our highly skilled teams oversee and maintain the complex technical infrastructure of leading financial institutions, utility providers, data centers, and research centers.

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